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Playing Recoil in openSUSE 13.2 64 bit with Crossover 14.1.4 agosto 16, 2015

Posted by easgs in Tecnologia.
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These screenshots were taken from a Recoil game playing in openSUSE 13.2 64 bit with Crossover 14.1.4

RECOIL is a tank-based Windows computer game. It involves the player driving a flying experimental tank known as the “BFT” (Battle Force Tank) through various missions. There is heavy influence on the two weapons to be collected throughout the game. It was developed by Zipper Interactive, a subsidiary of its parent publisher, EA, and uses the same game engine as MechWarrior 3.

Tanks patrol the desolate city streets, turrets and missle sites threaten the skies. Robot warriors carrying pulse rifles surround military installations. What’s become of Earth? Machines have taken over. Corporate greed and rapid technological advancments have made humans pawns of their own creations. Command a tank that can change into four different types of vehicles a Tank, A hovertank, a Amphibious tank, and a Submarine. Fight through six missions of Tank blasting action on your way to destroying Megacorp!

OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-20-11-25-16 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-20-11-28-33 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-20-12-40-59 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-22-12-58-58 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-23-12-33-35 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-23-12-33-46 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-23-12-35-17 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-23-12-37-31 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-23-12-49-40 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-24-12-37-36 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-24-12-58-06 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-27-12-47-49  OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-28-12-35-38 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-28-12-57-03 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-07-30-13-00-18 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-13-40-26 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-13-54-30 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-14-08-07 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-14-49-18 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-14-58-52 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-15-10-58 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-01-15-14-25 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-02-15-38-32 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-02-15-52-24 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-02-15-55-53 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-02-16-31-26 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-02-16-48-03 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-05-12-39-38 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-05-12-50-48 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-34-59 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-36-46 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-41-25 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-44-37 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-49-41 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-06-12-57-37 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-07-12-37-41 OpenSUSE 64-bit-2015-08-07-12-45-51

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