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ZTE MF636 Express Install for openSUSE 11.1 32 bit julio 13, 2009

Posted by easgs in opensuse.

Note:  This also works for openSUSE 11.2, but you will have to use the wvdial command instead of the networkmanager icon.


This is an installation Package to make the ZTE MF636 MODEM in openSUSE 11.1 32 bit, you just Only need to execute a few commands and you are Ready to go, this pack was designed to work with the MoviStar 3G service in Nicaragua but it can be configured and adapted to any provider with minimal changes such as the username, password and APN that is the part that says “internet.movistar.ni” in the wvdial.conf file, you have to change the DNS which can be obtained by executing the command wvdial as root.

To install this pack you have to:

As root execute

chmod +x install3G.sh


Connect the MODEM and wait until the light flash green (GPRS) or blue (3G)

Right click network manager – add new connection – select  /dev/ttyUSB2 and enter de data shown in the pictures included in the pack



Questions and Answers

1) I have installed the pack and connected the MODEM, I was able to browse once but I disconnected the MODEM and when I reconnect it I can’t browse, I have to reboot the PC to be able to browse, what can I do?

That is a DNS problem, to avoid that enter to Yast – Network Devices – Network setup – Host/DNS – Name server 1 – accept.

2) I have registered the DNS number but I can’t still browse, can you help me?

In Networkmanager deactivate temporally the other network connections.

3) I have installed the Package, registered the DNS number and deactivate the other network connections, It just doesn’t work, what can I do?

If you have prepaid service you must reload and activate the service from a cell phone to be able to connect

4) It still doesn’t work, I give up, I have tried everything.

Before the installation you must install the packages wvdial and usb_modeswitch

5) When I click the file install3G.sh Windows opens the notepad and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

The express install is only for openSUSE, it doesn’t work in windows

6) When I execute the command ./install3G.sh I get this error, error “bash: ./install3G.sh: access denied”, what is the problem?

You have to execute as root “chmod +x install3G.sh”

7) When I connect the MODEM there are several ttyUSB connections in the networkmanager , how can I solve this problem?

Unplug the MODEM, reboot the pc, connect the MODEM into an available USB port directly in the motherboard, do not use a USB Hub or card reader.

8) I don’t want to use networkmanager to connect, I like to use the command line, what are my options?

As root type “wvdial” to disconnect press ctlr-c

9) When I want to connect using the wvdial command I get this error

–> Disconnecting at Mon Jul 13 01:48:08 2009

–> The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)

–> man pppd explains pppd error codes in more detail.

–> Try again and look into /var/log/messages and the wvdial and pppd man pages for more information.

How can I solve this?

This can be solved by reloading and activating the service from a cell phone in case of prepaid services

10) I am not from Nicaragua and want to use the Express install, I have modified the wvdial file but I don’t know the DNS number, how can I get it?

As root execute the command wvdial, the output will give you the DNS number, you will see something like this

–> primary DNS address

–> pppd: (�[06][08]

–> secondary DNS address

–> pppd: (�[06][08]

–> Script /etc/ppp/ip-up run successful

–> Default route Ok.

–> warning, no nameserver found `/etc/resolv.conf`

–> Nameserver (DNS) failure, the connection may not work.

–> Connected… Press Ctrl-C to disconnect

–> pppd: (�[06][08]

11) Which one is the icon of the MODEM?

Is the antenna in the networkmanager


1. Justin Wonder - diciembre 2, 2009

Why this installation is so difficult with these Linux-distros?
In Ubuntu this modem works “out of the box” – so why not in openSUSE? Doesn’t this open world co-operate at all – like is says that it does. I’m very confused 😕

2. Ricardo Mujica - octubre 5, 2010

Me hago la misma pregunta. Si quieren que uno migre de Windows, debería ser más fácil para el no iniciado el poder configurar cualquier distribución de Linux, pero parece que se divierten haciéndole la vida más difícil a los usuarios.


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